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Reef Stick FX60 – Mahi Foil


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West Coast Floating 60g Reef Stick, a must have for all anglers.

The perfect PE4 – 6 top water lure

Easy to work, balanced to perfection and artwork to match. Designed to emulate panicked baitfish, you will be impressed.

As a floating lure with strong tail kick it’s perfect for many top water species. Twitch the 60g with sharp downward rod action and watch the seductive dance. The lure dives just below the surface with an amazing kick action, jumping back up ready for another twitch.  A must have for Kingies, mackies, GT’s and more.

At 190mm long and 60g it can be rigged with trebles or singles. This lure also loves over sized hardware, try BKK 4/0 Raptors for the best results.