Our Story

West Coast Poppers has grown to become one of the world’s leading top water lure manufacturers. Our long-term commitment is to provide you with the best value, quality, and innovation in the world of top water fishing.

Our journey was born from fishing one Australia’s premier topwater locations the Dampier Archipelago. This experience drove us to travel far and wide, across continents pursuing trophy sized fish. Now we share our knowledge and commitment with products that provide anglers with a leading edge to ensure their dreams of trophy fish will become a reality.

Chasing the world’s toughest fish demands our lures are made from the highest quality materials to provide the best action matched with the durability of timber and strong epoxy finishes. No compromises are made, only the best materials, workmanship and finishes.



3 blue water styles for chasing the apex top water species GT’s, Tuna, Mackerel and more. Each style has a unique action to match the changing conditions and angler ability.

Montebello 130g and Legendre 145g

are an easy all-day lure designed to not fatigue the angler while still delivering a big presence. They’re easy to work and don’t require a huge rod action to work the lure. Tie it on and use all day for working the reef edges.

Hammersley 130g and Glomar 150g

are for working deep water away from the reef edges and where big GT’s and Doggies lurk. They require a short sharp rod action to drive the big detonation noise down deep to bring the predators up to the surface. Hang on tight as these poppers can create some spectacular hits!

Gangsta series 105g, 125g and 145g

are great all rounders and love rough conditions. If the sea state is not the best this is your go-to popper. Perfect for all areas, easy to work with a huge presence.



The ReefStick series of floating and slow level sinking stickbaits have you well covered with fully integrated sealed stainless steel through-wire and heavy-duty epoxy finish.


is the slow level sinking series in sizes from 40g to 150g. The action is a combination of light roll with strong kick. Designed to stay under at you desired depth even in strong currents – you will be impressed.  It’s hard to change lure once you feel the action and how easy this lure is to work and attracts bites.


is the floating series with a strong tail kick action and designed to handle the biggest of hardware. To impart the best action, a short sharp downward rod action with follow through will give the best results. The perfect fleeing baitfish action.



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